Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No Classes/No Morocco Day

No Classes/No Morocco Day
Due to inclement weather we weren’t able to refuel until this morning so we are now enroute to Morocco. The weather is still pretty bad and the ship is rocking pretty hard. I made the mistake of waking up early for a seminar about bartering which was held in the union which is in the front of the ship and is the rockiest part of the boat. I ended up pretty sick from it so I went back to the cabin and slept for a while. Today is sort of a weird day because they are putting together last minute activities, such as open mike night tonight and lectures on Islam. The mood around the ship is one of confusion as they have not yet announced if the SAS trips will go through as planned. I only have ‘Dinner with a Moroccean Family’ which isn’t until Wednesday night so I’m fine. We are still going to go to Marakkesh, just for one night instead of two. The lady at the Riad was very accommodating and is not going to charge us for the first night. So I’m pretty set, but at the same time it is hard not to be disappointed at all.

I’ve had a pretty lazy day, its sort of hard to read with the movement so Brittany and I have done some woolite laundry in a futile attempt to get the smell of cigarettes off of our clothes (thank goodness for American no s5moking in public places laws).

This morning the sea was a grayish blue, very dark and stormy. Now the sun is out, but we are still rocking. The sea is a royal blue.

So now its about 7:20 my time and we are heading into the Casablanca harbor. They had to turn off the stabilizers so everything is flying, in a funny way. You look out and its all sea or all sky. Our beds are flying, with us on them. When they said this would be an experience they weren’t lying.

I am very excited to finally get to Morocco and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Happy Sailing!

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  1. I've been cruising(ok about 20 years ago) and the ship did not rock! Oh, I am so sorry you have to bump and roll! Hopefully Morocco will make it all better! I hope that you have a wonderful experince with your Moroccan family dinner!