Sunday, February 1, 2009

No Classes

No Classes
Wow, I seriously can't believe tomorrow we will be in Morocco. I am so excited! Today we bunkered (got fuel) in Gibraltar, which is actually a separate entity, a territory of Great Britain. Although we aren't allowed to deboard and explore we can still see the "rock" which is what it is famous for. Today we slept until 12. I finally feel semi caught up after not sleeping forever. I spent the day catching up on homework and basically regaining my traveling strength for Morocco. My hair still smells like cigarettes, even after so many showers, which is basically what Spain smelled like. Miguel wanted me to add in that it smelled like oranges (Spain, not my hair).
So I guess here are my questions for Morocco:
Will people speak ANY English? Will we get lost? Will the Riad be nice? Will we have enough time to see everything? Will I barter well? Will it be super cheap? Cheap at all? Will there be anti-Semitism (there was some in Spain, swastikas in train stations, etc, usually crossed out by the next passerbyer)? How crazy will the taxis be?
1 day till Morocco!

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