Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Neptune Day to B6

Neptune Day to B6
It’s been a while since I last updated. Sea days tend to be pretty busy in a very different way then school days at home are busy. We on the ship utilize that time to catch up on work, refresh our memories on everything that had been covered so long ago and was interrupted by our wonderful Spanish and Moroccan journeys, discuss adventures and catch up and of course sleep. We lost an hour last night after not doing so since Spain and let me tell you, I forgot how much it throws me off in the morning. I somehow managed to make it to Global Studies which is great!

Neptune Day was two days ago, I can’t believe how quickly time passes! Neptune Day is an old sailing tradition whereby a ship crosses the equator and has a party of sort. On the ship it means getting “fish guts”(I’m pretty sure it was blue pancake batter) poured on you, kissing a fish, jumping into the freezing cold pool and shaving your head. I did everything except the last stage, although quite a few people (including women!) did shave their head. My friends and I claimed lounge chairs early and were able to watch the festivities even after we were done. People laid out all day, but coming from Florida, it’s not really my thing so I laid out for an hour or two (I got some color though!) and then returned to my cabin for some studying. At night we had a real BBQ. In case you haven’t heard, the food on this ship is pretty horrible. I seem to not have a very advanced palette (lol) so I can sort of force myself to eat something, but when they said there would be actual hot dogs I’m pretty sure the whole boat jumped for joy! It was very yummy indeed.

I have a quiz today in Military Force which I feel prepared for, but we shall see. Yesterday, I turned in my first project for Digital Arts. I’m getting pretty good at Photoshop and I can’t wait to utilize it with my scrapbooks!

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