Sunday, February 8, 2009

B4, A5, B5

B4, A5, B5
Due to the lengthy nature of my last post, I have been a little behind on my daily ‘Sea Day’blogging. I also wanted to preface this post by saying that these posts are all written as if they were entries in my diary or journal. I am not checking for grammar, I am not even re-reading as I write, this is not a homework assignment. I want these posts to be au naturale :)

Ok, so back to the last couple of days. Everything has been very structured. We wake up, fill our water bottles, head to global studies, go to our classes, take naps, do our work, work out, have dinner, go to a seminar or two, go to the 7th deck for a little bit and then go to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sea Days. I get to catch up on my reading (I just finished Carl Hiassen’s Skinny Dip), chat with my friends and get actual hours of sleep.

Classes have been going well. I got that quiz back from Military Force that I had mentioned and I managed to get an A. So I was quite happy. Its really hard to gauge your workload and test load on this ship because unlike our home campuses everyone is on a different academic level. This is of course compounded by the fact that the ship is run through UVA. Anyway, I was quite happy with the successful quiz.

I have a digital arts portfolio due tomorrow: two funky Photoshop colleagues and 10 straight pictures from Spain and Morocco (5 each) with an accompanying journal entry. It was really hard to narrow all my pictures down, but I think I managed to capture my trip!

In two days we have Neptune Day! That is the day when we cross the equator. It is sort of like a huge color war. I’m very excited!!!

Ok, I’m off to class…

Happy Sailing!

PS. Email me! I love getting emails from everyone from family to my old teenage scrapper subscribers to my new subscribers!!

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  1. Hi! I'm loving hearing about all your adventures. I was a reader of your scrapbook blog and subscribed to this one to keep up with you. This old grandma is getting to experience all these new places going along with you for the ride! Thanks so much for sharing. ~chris