Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hey!!! I’ve really enjoyed all the emails, from family and friends to readers, you’ve been making my days! Yesterday’s Quiz seemed to go well, I knew all the answer so hopefully that came through in my essays. We played lots of cards yesterday as none of us had anything major to study for. We are traveling along ‘the middle passage’or the old slave route. As such the Students Of Color held a day of silence with a reflection time at 8 oclock when they broke their silence. I went and let me just say it was very powerful. We forget, while on this beautiful cruise, that millions of slaves were forcefully transported along these shores and stared out at the same ocean, yet instead of seeing endless beauty, they saw the hard unknown.

Last night, I noticed that the direction we are headed (towards Namibia) put our window directly facing the moon’s ascent. It was SO amazing to watch the reflection in the water. The views on this ship constantly amaze me!

Today I had my usual A classes, Global Studies and Digital Art. In DA, my professor showed one of my projects as the example, I was very excited as photoshop can be very overwhelming, especially when the project is basically to do whatever we want with 3-4 pictures.

Tomorrow I have an Art History Quiz, but its only on 6 slides, Falagon would have laughed! Tomorrow night I helped Brad, our Living Learning Coordinator (sort of a cooler version of an RA) plan our Red Sea Meeting. We will be playing bingo, but with actual prizes from the school store (a mug, bandana, etc). I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. Then the day after that we’ll be in Namibia on SAFARI!!!

Happy Sailing,

Today we have been getting CNN world. I’m a VERY happy camper 

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