Friday, January 23, 2009

Some Questions

I'm going to write a more formal entry soon, but my dad forwarded me these questions, so I thought I would fill it out for all of you too!

How was your first Global Studies class?
Global Studies is very interesting. It is basically taught by this older man who looks Native American. It is inter-disciplinary and seems like it might even be kind of hard. The first lecture was very science based, but today's included pirates (study of the Caribbean).

What was the Shipboard Activities Fair about? The fair had all types of clubs you could sign up for. It was in the Union which is quite bumpy so it was an adventure. I signed up for Extended Family (where you get adopted by a Life Long Learner), to welcome foreign diplomats and interport students and also possibly some sort of Jewish faith group.

How's the weather?  It was cold here today with the high around 60 and going down to 40 tonight!!     (can you see this AOL emoticon?) The weather is also interesting. It tends to rain at night. Yesterday was kind of misty and yucky. But, today is gorgeous.  My friend Laura( and I are going to head upstairs after this email to read our Foreign Diplomacy books in the sun!

Ok, that's all for now. I promise to post more soon!

Happy Sailing!
Elyssa T

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