Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day Two

Day Two(Tuesday, Jan 20, 2009)
Today has been quite a tiring one as we spent the greater half of it in mass lectures which basically could be summarized with two words “Be Smart”. Don’t Cheat. Don’t Over Drink. Don’t Do Stupid Things. Easy, right? Every time I got restless I just reminded myself that I was going around the world and then I seemed to be able to get past the repetition.

Yet today was also a monumental day as the United States of America inaugurated our 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama. We were warned ahead of time to stay off of our computers and the internet so that the ship could harness as much bandwich as possible to be able to capture the satellite. Britney and I (and a few new friends!) ran to the front of the union to make sure we were front row for the broadcast. It was such a memorable experience to sit in a room, while crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and view such an extraordinary event. It was quite emotional.

The rest of the day was spent in the aforementioned meetings learning the Do’s and Don’ts of the ship.

Tonight we are having one more meeting and then a celebration in the Union in honor of Obama.

I am having an amazing time so far. Everyone is really really nice and friendly!

Also, to answer a question:

The ship(not boat, boats can be on ships but ships can’t be on boats) rocks. I was a little unsteady before, but now I seem to be getting my sea legs.

Also starting tonight we lose an hour. During the whole trip we will have 23 23 hour days and two of the same day. Try keeping that straight!!

Happy Sailing,


  1. Flippy gave me the way to get your Blog. I'll print it for Sue. Everything sounds great and we look forward to (vicariously) sharing it with you.

  2. Hi Elyssa,

    Wow it sounds very interesting! I am so glad to read all about it on the blog. I love that you will have two days of the same day. Make that one a good one! Ha! Take care and have fun...and remember take lots of pictures. xoxo