Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Hasta manana en Espana! Me Gusta!!

Last night was the stormiest and rockiest it has been all voyage. The motion woke me up a few times, but I was able to go back to sleep pretty well. I woke up exhausted for Global Studies, but a little diet coke and the steadfast reminder that I was almost in spain woke me up in time for a refresher course about El Greco and Velasquez. In Digital Arts we worked on our first project which is a digital compulation of some photos altered and made to look very funky. I am getting a great sense of photoshop, even if the end project looks a little twisted. After that I headed to the computer lab and then off for a short nap before Brittany returned and woke me up. We walked around and hung out before dinner and before we knew it, it was the pre-port orientation.

Tomorrow we finally arrive in Spain. Tonight we had paella and Spanish food to prepare for our embarkation. We have been having pre-port orientations all night and tonight we had our ‘logistical’ orientation. We should be able to disembark by 9. At that time Brittany and I are running to the train station to leave for Jerez. Our flight is at 2:55 to Barcelona so we should have plenty of time. In Barcelona we will be staying with my friend Irena. I can’t wait to see her and experience Spain! On Friday we leave BarTHElona for Madrid, but only for a day. We are meeting my other friend Adrianna for some quick sight-seeing and hopefully seeing Museo Del Prado. 

As we sail into our first port I am both excited and nervous. Will we make it to our flight on time? How much of a language issue will there be, although I do have a rudimentary knowledge of Spanish (go Miami!)? Will we make it to Irenas without trouble? How AMAZING will seeing Gaudi’s works be? How easy will it be to stay on budget? How awesome will the sight seeing and picture taking be?

Don't let that make you think I'm not totally psyched for what will come. I’m having a great time, we’re (me, Brittany, Lauren, Perri and Becca) all painting our nails in my room getting excited for the adventure ahead.

Until Next Time,
Happy Sailing!

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  1. Hi Elyssa!

    I am just catching up with my blogging after Christmas - being ill - and then baby-sitting grandchildren. Tonight is the first I have heard of your awesome trip.

    I can't wait to read all the days I have missed and hear all that happens in the future. What a fantastic opportunity. I am so happy for you.

    Make the most of it! Good luck and talk to you later.