Monday, January 26, 2009

A2, B3

A2, B3
They told us on the first day that pretty soon we would not know what day or month it is, only whether it is an A day or a B day. As I sit here typing this, I am realizing that I do not know what day it is, but I still managed to the right class at the right time.

Its getting colder as we are moving closer and closer to Spain. The wind is also picking up a little bit and it is getting rockier. I haven’t really been sea sick since the first night, but when they told us it was supposed to get windy, I heeded their warning and took Dramamine so today’s movement isn’t getting to me. As I look out my window I can really see the waves, even out into the distance. Earlier the water was much greyer but now it seems to be a rich blue with almost a grey layer over it (hard to explain). The last couple of days we were going around 15 knots, but have recently sped up. It makes a major difference in how much the boat sways (faster=better).

The first day we bought this big map to put on our wall (it was only $5) to chart our progress. Day by day we mark our latitude and longitude, it is very cool to see our progress across the Atlantic!

Yesterday was an A day, so I had Global Studies and Digital Art. Both were great. Afterwards, we worked a little more on our Morocco trip. It looks like we picked a Riad (old converted house-like a B&B in the states). There are 5-6 of us for sure going plus others who are also looking into it (multiple groups!). I am kind of proud of myself for picking the hotel (plus thanks to my dad for looking up its legitimacy  since we don’t have full internet). Which reminds me: EMAIL ME  I can only check it while at sea though. I would love to hear from you!

Last night Brittany and I planned to make it an early night as we are officially 5 hours ahead of Miami time, which means that we have had five 23 hour days. While it takes a toll on our bodies and minds, I’m pretty sure mine has just given up with trying to keep on a schedule. But, alas that never ended up happening because there are just so many distractions on this boat. We ended up heading up to Pub Night and didn’t go to sleep until 1ish, because we had some very funny visitors who knocked on our door as we were heading to sleep (hi Lindsey!). Each room comes with a hung picture which every semester its inhabitants write notes and tips to the new voyagers. From who were the best wait staff to secret parts of the ship and even our room, our painting held quite a bit of knowledge! However, going to sleep late at all is hard because we are constantly losing hours and to get up for breakfast before our 9:20 Global Studies class can prove daunting.

Today I had my first quiz in Foreign Policy, it was VERY specific, but I read so I think I did fine. I can’t believe we are going to be in Spain in 2 days!! Time just flies! I am very excited, yet also nervous about the adventure ahead. I can’t wait.

Happy Sailing!

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