Monday, January 19, 2009

Day One!

Everything is wonderful!SO I guess today is Entry Number One. I am on this voyage with my friend Brittany. We flew in yesterday to Nassau and stayed in Atlantis. It was truly amazing. All the slides were so fun and well maintained. I have never seen anything like it. We went exploring, but decided it was probably best to have an early night because we knew we would have such a draining next day. The next day, we left the hotel around 9 and took a taxi with 2 other girls and one of their mom's. It turned out to be perfect because the line was so long that they headed to the back of it and we stayed with the bags. This way we didn't have to lug everything around. The mom was SO nice she brought us bottled water etc... Once we made it to the boat we went up to eat lunch. It was yummy (tacos). We headed out to the deck and ate with two other girls, Gaeyln and Lindsey. We explored the ship more and then headed out to Nassau because their were a lot of shops right outside. Don't worry, I didn't buy anything except two 6-packs of Diet Coke for the fridge. It was pretty exhausting walking around. We headed back to the ship around 2 and have been unpacking since. We are basically unpacked WITH ROOM!!!
This email thing is very easy. It's done through Microsoft Outlook. But, I cant send or receive pictures.
I am having a ball so far, everyone is so friendly.
Tonight we have muster stations and meetings. Tomorrow more meetings and one class. All my books arrived safety :)

Happy Sailing!

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