Monday, April 13, 2009

A Quick Update

A Quick Update

All is well here. We had a major test today in “Global Studies”, so between studying for that and catching up on sleep I haven’t had time to write my Japan Journal. But don’t worry, it’s in the works.

We have quite a long stretch at sea right now. We are almost half way through the 9 days until Hawaii. We even had one day twice! LOL. Since we crossed the International Date Line we had two April 12ths. We went from ahead of you guys (east coast) by 15 hours to behind by 9. Pretty crazy.

My days at sea have been busy. I am being good about exercise and have been using the bikes and ellipticals upstairs. I have also been catching up on reading and notes for my classes. Its hard to be academic when there are so many things and countries going on!

I’m excited for Hawaii. We’re staying on the ship at night (its only 2 days, 1 night), but we are going to go to the Pearl Harbor Museum and the beach, plus explore the other parts of the island. I can’t wait!

Tomorrow we don’t have classes so I am going to try to get to business on my journaling.

I have to go to class, but I’ll post Day One soon.

Happy Sailing,

PS. It’s rocky. We haven’t had these kinds of waves since Spain. Luckily, I don’t get sea sick but I don’t know how some students made it through the Global test with the movement.

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  1. Hi
    glad to see an update, didn't get a chance to write when i read about China, what an adventure. April 12 is my granddaughters birthday, she would have loved to be on your trip to get 2 birthdays in one day. :) Have fun in Hawaii and can't wait to read about Japan, i have a good friend from Japan (living here now). She has taught me a lot of coloring with copics and prisma pencils. She is very talented. Have fun.